Best cities to buy property in Switzerland with prices

The relatively high cost of property in Switzerland has been a recurring trend over the last few years. However, property acquisition still remains less expensive than renting an apartment because of particularly low mortgage rates.

At the time of purchasing a house or an apartment one of the key elements taken into consideration by prospective homeowners is the view. One can really appreciate view of the villas situated in the vineyard between Lausanne and Nyon. The area offers a breathtaking view over Lake Geneva and the Alps. However, as you can imagine, this exceptional location has a considerable effect on property prices. According to the Zurich based property expert Wüest Partner, the average price for a detached house in the Lausanne area is CHF 1,500,630. We see the same trend in Zurich. The purchase of a detached house in the Swiss economical capital which is also located on the edge of a lake costs on average CHF 1,971,470. The price of property in Geneva is also very high, with the average for the city being CHF 1,632,600.

The towns of Locle and la Chaux-de-Fonds are two of the least expensive where one can become a property owner in Switzerland. The price is around CHF 3,250 per square metre. Whilst in Zurich, the average price per square metre rises to CHF 12,250.

When the number of rooms is taken into consideration, the town of Porrentruy, in the county of Juras, offers the cheapest option. A house with 5 or 6 rooms sold for CHF 350,000 in Porrentruy, could perhaps be sold for CHF 1,500,000 in cosmopolitan Geneva. However, as you can imagine, the lifestyle and job opportunities are not as developed in Porrentruy and Locle as in Geneva and Zurich.

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lucerneFirst class standard of living

Switzerland is a country where the standard of living is very high. The social and political situations are stable, public education is of high quality and free, the services are also first class and the crime rate is low. In Switzerland it is very easy to live in the city and escape to the countryside for a few hours. The country is covered by a very well connected, public transport network of high quality.

Geneva and Zurich, the two most vibrant cities in the country, perhaps have a premium price property market, but they also offer a very good standard of living. They were also in the Top 10 of the Mercer International Ranking for quality of living in 2019. Even if Geneva and Zurich offer everything one could dream of, perhaps you are looking for a little bit of peace and tranquillity, where property prices are little bit lower? If this is the case, you might like the town of Carouge. Situated close to its big neighbour Geneva, Lake Geneva and the French border, Carouge is a beautiful place to live in. The vibrant town is made up of streets filled with shops, restaurants and lively bars. Over the last few years, Carouge has been noted for the political system which it has implemented. Its residents are an intrigal part of the policy decision-making process. Carouge has even become recognised as a test bed for participative democracy. Perhaps you would like to take part in it?

If you would like to move away a little outside the large city of Zurich, Lucerne is a town which has a lot to offer. It seduces its residents as much as its passing visitors by its location between a lake of turquoise waters and its proximity to the greenery of wild mountains. Lucerne has the advantage of having a dynamic economic life and a developed urban environment which still leaves room for traditions! Numerous historical structures, such as its famous Middle-Age covered wooden bridge, make up the town.

sionAn advantageous fiscal situation

Certain Swiss cities are recognised as offering an advantageous fiscal situation to their residents. Therefore, it is a criterion which you might take into consideration when choosing where to buy a property in Switzerland.

A recently completed study by the Union of Swiss Banks, (UBS), demonstrated that choice of residence could have a significant impact on household expenses. It also relayed that the expenses arising from buying a property in German-speaking Switzerland are less significant than in Western Switzerland. Numerous locations border Lake Geneva which offer the benefit of a magnificent setting, a few minutes from Lausanne and Geneva, yet whose fiscal conditions are the most expensive in Switzerland. If you are looking for a town offering an advantageous fiscal rate and affordable property prices, it is in the county of Valais that you should invest.

In terms of fiscality, Sion, the capital of Valais, is the most attractive Western Swiss town. It is also known to offer the benefits of a larger city without the disadvantages. Sion has been able to modernise itself whilst preserving its charm and customs. It is also at the centre of innovation because of the presence of several high ranking, specialised colleges. On the German speaking side of Switzerland, Schwyz and Zoug are the two counties which offer their residents the most attractive fiscal conditions.

Especially for those with high incomes. Located halfway between Lucerne and Zurich, the town of Zoug is known for being a real paradise. The town is situated on the edge of Lake Zoug and has retained its traditional buildings whilst giving a modern twist to its architecture. Its public transport network is very efficient, and its parks provide wonderful walks. Zoug is above all known for its one of a kind fiscal policy. In Switzerland fiscal policy is unique to each county. That of Zoug knows how to take care of large fortunes, which allows it to attract numerous commodity brokerage companies and corporations who are headquartered there. Perhaps you will decide to do likewise?