Роскошные Квартиры С Видом на Море на Продажу в Картале

Новая квартира • 1 комнат(ы) • 1 кровать. • 1 ванна. • 42 м²
20 936 458 RUB

About the project;

If You See a Brand New Dream Every Time You Look At It... If You Are Surrounded By Dreams On All Sides. Such a Feeling to Live in the Project's Enchanting Islands Landscape. A New Life that Makes Dreams Every Moment and Offers Perfection As Far As The Eye Can See...

Every Dream Deserves to Live. Sometimes Life Gets Such A Way That Even Dreams Are Overshadowed. Consisting of a total of 227 flats and making a difference with its Unique Location, Complete Social Facilities and Many Privileges, the Project Keeps Life Alive.

Everyone Wants to Live Life Perfectly. Dreams Are Always Established For Perfection. Just Like In This Project. Are you ready to experience perfection with its modern architectural structure, unique location, unique view, lush landscape areas and many features?

Life Is Another Beautiful With Every Color. Sometimes Blue, Sometimes White, Sometimes Green... The Project Keeps Life Alive With All Its Colors. While it presents the naturalness of green with its botanical garden and camellia, it also brings the peace of blue with its unique island view. It's up to you to live in the color you want.

Your Blue Dreams Are Revealing. While Pleasant Moments Await You in the Unique Swimming Pool of the Project, Azure Dreams Surround You. While you are swimming for health, the smile on your face does not disappear for a moment.

The World Knows The Glory Of The Turkish Bath. Never Changed and From the Past
It is passion. Nothing can take its place. When you reach for the belly stone, you feel like you have come to the world again. The authentic bath of the project is waiting for you to experience these unique feelings.

Remember That Moment. That Magnificent Moment When You and Your Passions Are Alone. Get ready to experience a unique experience in your magnificent spa in the project, where you will get lost in serenity and peace and feel as if you have been renewed.

You are happy here. If Nothing Can Take The Place Of Your Passion For Sports, The Complete Gym Of The Project Awaits You. After a busy day, everyone who wants to relieve their stress with sports takes action.

As Location;

Turgut Özal Boulevard (Coastal Road) / 250 m
Atalar Marmaray Station / 250 m
Üsküdar Street (Minibus Street) / 100 m
Koçtaş Beach / 250 m
3M Migros Beach / 250 m
Istanbul Şehir University / 1.4 km
İDO Kartal Pier / 1.2 km
Yavuz Sultan Selim State Hospital / 1.3 km
Dragos / 1.5 km
Pamukspor Sports Complex / 1.7 km
Maltepe Park AVM / 1.9 km
Kartal Training and Research Hospital / 2.1 km
Anatolian Courthouse / 2.2 km
Pendik Marina / 5 km
Bostancı Sea Bus and Islands Pier / 8 km
Bagdat Street Suadiye / 9 km
TEM Highway Connection / 10 km


Ванных комнат1
Туалетные комнаты1
Автостоянка (внутри)1


Жилые42 м²
Спутниковое телевидение
Удобства извлечено с помощью ИИ.
Fitness center


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Вид на сад
Год постройки2020